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VoIPCloud now also offers Toll Free Service, adding to its large range of services under Business Solutions. VoIPCloud’s Toll Free Services is a comprehensive service that gives you basic routing capabilities, advanced routing and termination features. 

Toll Free Service can help you boost sales and improve customer service levels by providing your customers with a cost-free method to contact you.

Get connected with your customers from anywhere in the world with our tollfree number services
Get you 1-800 number now and start publishing your number.

Our network is able to route phone calls across the Internet. SIP, or Session Initiated Protocol, refers to enterprise-grade VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol). Many customers appreciate the per-minute cost savings of SIP and find that the enterprise-grade lines provide excellent sound quality and reliability. To forward calls to a SIP device, you would provide a SIP address instead of a forwarding phone number. A SIP address looks like an email address, a few examples are xxxx@ or


  • Get A Smart International Phone Number
  • Activate Now! - Start Receiving Calls from day 1
  • US & International Toll Free & Local Numbers in 100+ Countries
  • Answer Calls Anywhere.
  • Call Routing Features

Toll free numbers are our best selling service in our portfolio. Almost every successfull business wants to break into the International market and toll free numbers are the easiest way to do it.

Click here to know more on TollFree forwarding services we can forward calls to your Landline, Mobile, SIP Phone, Gtalk, Skype.

Having a toll free number will allow you to advertise in International and encourage your customers to call you for free. 
This has 2 clear benefits:-

1 - It will allow your potential or existing customers to call you for free - encouraging them to do business with you.
2 - It will make you look as if you have an office in that country - as mostly people like to buy from there country companies.

VoIPCloud offers Tollfree numbers in these countries

Argentina F   Czech Republic F P  Hungary R F   New Zealand F   Spain F P 
Australia F P  Denmark F P  Ireland F   Norway R F P  Sweden F P 
Austria F P  Dominican Republic M   Israel M   Panama F   Switzerland F P 
Bahrain   El Salvador F   Italy F   Peru   Uk F S P 
Belgium F P  Estonia F P  Japan F   Poland F P  Usa F S P 
Brazil F   Finland F P  Latvia   Portugal F   Vietnam 
Bulgaria F   France R F P  Lithuania F P  Puerto Rico F P  Slovakia F  
Canada F S P  Georgia   Luxembourg F   Romania F    
Chile F   Germany R F P  Malta   Singapore R F    
Croatia R F P  Greece  Mexico F   Slovenia F P   
Cyprus F   Hong Kong F   Netherlands R F P  South Africa F    

F Fax-to-email can be activated on numbers in this country
S The phone numbers support SMS-to-email
P In this country you can port your old phone numbers to VoipCloud.
M Not available for ordering on-line. Contact for numbers, as this takes a bit of time.
R Special restrictions apply. You may need to provide a local address to be allowed to purchase a number. In some countries you can buy a national numbers without an address. See details
Also other countries may be subject to local legal restrictions.

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