Sip Peering for Call Center / SIP Trunk

SIP Peering refers to the relationship between two SIP / VOIP Servers on Internet that allows calls originating from a subscriber of Provider A to be connected to a subscriber of provider B without traversing the PSTN. This relationship is desirable because it allows calls to be connected with the fewest number of hops and at the lowest possible cost (since there are no middle men involved in connecting the call).

SIP peering happens between 2 servers via Internet link, both servers gets sync with each other over IP and start the call passing.

This is often termed as SIP Trunk. SIP Trunk Service is compatible with most SIP based IP-PBX systems and Asterisk SIP connections.

Whether you are connecting via any type of Asterisk SIP connection or through many of the other PBXs (3CX, Freeswitch, Elastix, Tribox etc.) we can provide:
  1. Support provided by real people
  2. G711u, G711a and G729 support (h263 and h263+ on request)
  3. T38 Faxing Support - There are known issues with faxing through VoIP, but our ability to offer T38 helps ensure the best success possible.
  4. Tollfree and Local number Service
  5. International Phone Numbers from 64 countries
  6. Network Failure Fail over - have your inbound calls forwarded to another number in the event your system is un-reachable
You don't need to change any thing, leave the worries to VoipCloud.